Shuyue Ren

Xuhao Yuan

Peng Luo

When we are in a space with slight sound waves in it, can we feel those subtle waves all the time? Would our feelings and behaviors change based on these sound waves? We want to explore the impact of different sound waves on people’s perception by designing a hubbub performance created by the sound of glasses, which is conducted by 25 sound devices that we made to produce the sound of the collision of glasses at different frequencies. Hubbub can even produce unnatural and extreme soundscape, and we are very excited to explored people’s reactions towards that.

Also, HUBBUB is gradually developing into a cyber interactive platform project,  as part of an online virtual restaurant. Three.js, WebGL, Tone.js, C4D, and TouchDesign are being used to interactive websites.

More info: http://www.interactivearchitecture.org/hubbub-work-in-progress.html

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