Shuyue Ren, a designer with an architectural background in China, is currently pursuing her master degree at The Bartlett School of Architecture UCL, Interactive Architecture Lab.

She is focusing on data visualization, user experience, multisensory interaction, immersion experience, human-computer interaction, machine learning, VR/AR experience. She has the ability of programming and has architectural background, also can assist the site up works.


She served as an assistant of urban designer at AECOM (Shanghai).


The Bartlett School of Architecture UCL

09/2019-Present           LONDON, U.K

​- M.Arch in Interactive Architecture

Zhejiang University of Technology (ZJUT)

09/2015-06/2019          ZHEJIANG, CHINA

​- B.A in Environmental  Design

Università degli Studi di Firenze

09/2017-02/2018          FLORENCE, ITALY

​- Exchange program Architecture Department


01/11/2019                   TATE BRITAIN, LONDON, UK

-Data visualisation of City in The Bauhaus was exhibited in Tate Britain 'Tate Late'.

-The future urban system in Florence was exhibited in Politecnico di Milano and won the Academy Award in Milan Design Week -Art and Design Exhibition of Chinese Colleges in 2018.

3/2018                                   MILAN, ITALY

12/2016                                  ZHEJIANG,CHINA

-Design of the Disposable Emergency Rain Gear Sales Module for Vending Machine Approved by the ‘Canal cup’.


Computer Programming 

MS Office
PhotoShop(Ps) / Indesign(Id) / illustrator(AI) / Premiere(Pr) / Adobe Audition(Au) / Lightroom (Lr)

SketchUp / Rhinoceros / KeyShot / Cinema4D


Arduino / Processing / javascript

TouchDesigner / MAX


Mandarin Chinese / English